A Day of Ministry Appreciation

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  • October has been labeled “Clergy Appreciation Month”
    • Defined by Paul the Apostle in 1 Tim. 5:17 and in  1 Thessalonians 5:12, 13
    • Formal observance was initiate by Focus On the Family in 1994
  • Appreciation
    • Acknowledging the PROPER VALUE
    • Perception or recognition, like “Art appreciation”
    • Increase in value
    • Critical notice; evaluation of a situation or person
  • Biblical examples of appreciation shown to others
    • Onesiphorus (O’nesi FOR us)
      • Ministered without considering the possible PERSONAL COST
      • He was like a breath of FRESH AIR
    • Epaphroditus (E paff row DI tus)
      • Would have given HIS LIFE                       to fulfill his ministry
        • Homesick
        • Heartsick
        • Physically sick
      • Paul calls him:
        • BROTHER
      • He was willing to give 100%                    and expected 0% in return
    • Stephanus
      • A man of CHRISTIAN SERVICE
        • Baptized by Paul
        • Devoted to others
        • Considered a leader
  • The key to appreciation is PERSEVERANCE
    • We show our appreciation to God for the salvation He has given us – Rom. 5:3, 4
    • We prove God’s strength in our lives and become more like those Paul appreciated – Rom. 8:25
  • Appreciate the Pastor who mirrors the examples of those Christian servants that Paul expressed his appreciation for

We are all ministers. We should endeavor to become people of selfless sacrifice, persevering always, appreciating all that God has done for us and we will be a real breath of fresh air to this lost world.

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