Are We Messengers of Light or Darkness?

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In Chapter 10, Job continued his reply to Bildad’s words of wisdom! Job is uncertain about God’s true knowledge of his suffering. “If God is omniscient, why doesn’t He see what I’m going through?” In spite of his friends telling him that he is to blame for all that he is suffering, Job maintains that he is innocent (which God has already confirmed in Chapter 2 verse 3).

Job lists several things that he would request of God to help him through his difficulties so that he can experience some peace before he dies. Hearing this, Job’s third friend, Zophar, can no longer contain himself and he responds to Job even more harshly than his two traveling companions.

  • Chapter 11 – Zophar speaks
    • Vs. 1-6 – Job is Sinful
      • He claims that for Job to maintain his innocence makes him a liar
      • He tells Job that God hasn’t judged him as harshly as he could have.
      • God has already declared Job innocent – 2:3
    • Vs. 7-12 – Job is Ignorant
      • And even stupid!
      • He says that Job doesn’t know anything about God’s wisdom
        • Had he and his friends asked God for wisdom in their approach, this conversation would not be happening
      • Vs. 13-20 – Job is Blind
        • Zophar tells Job that he can’t see his own sinful state
        • He then tells Job all the blessings that he could enjoy if he will only Confess
          • Job has nothing to confess
          • As Christians, we must be careful to not view God’s actions as black or white
    • Zophar’s advice turns faith into a Commercial Enterprise
      • If Job did this he would give Satan the victory

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