Character Counts: The Fall of Good King Jehoash

Character Counts: The Fall of Good King Jehoash
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  • Brief summary

o   Asa – a man of pure Worship

  • Fully dependent upon God
  • Destroyed the idols
  • Looked to God as Judah’s defender

o   Jehoshaphat – A man of God’s Word

  • Sent holy men throughout Judah to teach the Scriptures
  • An interlude of three evil rulers of Judah

o   Jehoram – murderer and idolater

o   Ahaziah – ruled as a puppet

o   Athaliah – “That wicked woman”  – 2 Chron. 24:7

  • 2 Kings 12:1, 2 – “Jehoash did what was Right in the sight of the LORD”

o   But his testimony was Conditional

  • Only while he was being coached by Jehoiada, the priest.
  • What established Jehoash as a good king?

o   2 Kings 12:4

o   He was committed to Worship

  • No personal ulterior motive
  • He was tenacious
    • One failure did not stop him

o   He sought wise Counsel

  • 2 Chron. 24:6 – He listened to his mentor

o   He was a man of Integrity

  • He used the funds designated for the rebuilding of the temple for the purpose intended
  • The end result – 2 Chron. 24:14b – Judah was returned to being a kingdom of Holiness
  • Jehoash was not perfect!

o   He began to listen to unwise counsel

o   He became self centered

o   His rebellion resulted in murder

  • God looks upon the Inner Being

o   Even when we fail, God sees us as sinners saved by His amazing grace

o   We are justified by the Blood of His Son

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