Don’t Be Discouraged…God is Listening

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  • Looking for a Sign
    • The Pharisees were looking for something cosmic
    • Jesus told them that the kingdom was not “observable”
      • It was with them now
  • Jesus redirects the conversation to the disciples
    • They were aware of who Jesus was (to the best of their ability)
    • The final judgment will be accompanied by cosmic events
      • Bringing hope to the saved and fear to the lost
      • It will come, but at a time that they do not expect it – regardless of what others may say
    • The judgment will be preceded by a crucial event – Jesus’ Suffering
      • Suffering before Glory; Rejection before Rule
    • Jesus makes two comparisons to the judgment
      • The flood – Genesis 7
      • Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 19
        • People will be focused on the affair of life with no regard for God
    • The kingdom will enter Quickly
      • No time to gather belongings
      • No place to look back
      • Many will be unprepared
      • Honoring God now will help mankind to endure temporal persecution
    • What will the day look like?
      • Two in bed, two grinding – one taken, one left behind
    • “Where will they go?” – the disciples ask
      • Jesus redirects them to the important point – those left behind will not be comforted
  • The Parable – 18:1-8
    • Jesus now illustrates His point of discussion – After suffering, He will Return
    • To endure suffering – Pray
    • The ungodly judge was finally moved to help the widow because of her persistence – We also need to be persistent and never discouraged

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