Elihu – Close But No Prize

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A new person has come into the picture. Elihu has not been mentioned before, but sometime during the discussions between Job and his three friends, this man heard the conversation, listened quietly and now cannot hold back on his comments regarding Job’s situation.

  • Who is Elihu?
    • 32:1-5
    • He is young
    • He is educated
    • He has wisdom that goes beyond Job’s friends’ but he is also arrogant, angry and raging
      • He’s upset because the men have condemned Job without evidence
      • They have presented their cases, proved nothing and now have nothing else to add
  • With Age comes Wisdom
    • 32:6-22
    • Age is not necessarily the determining factor in knowing God’s actions
  • Elihu’s Observations
    • It is Impossible for God to do wrong
      • 34:10
      • Deut. 32:3, 4
    • God does not act Wickedly
      • 34:12
      • To violate or make trouble
      • God can do whatever He wants – even end all life on the earth
    • God is not Partial toward anyone
      • 34:19
      • This is consolation to us all because in God’s eyes, all are equal
      • The final outcome is the same for all
        • Vs. 22 – It cannot be avoided
    • God Despises no one
      • 36:5
      • 2 Peter 3:9
    • Vs. 6-12 – Hope for mankind because of God’s love

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