God’s Gift to Mankind – The Holy Spirit

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  • Hope is the result of:
    • Our Suffering
    • That causes Patience
    • That develops Character
    • Will never Disappoint
      • Psalm 22:5
      • Psalm 25:3
  • We have Confidence in our hope
    • Because of God’s love for us in Christ
    • Because of God’s work for us in Christ
      • Two areas that people try to control but are unable to because God controls them
  • God Pours Out His love
    • Not just a trickle – just like at Pentecost
    • Paul uses past tense, “Has been poured”
      • Not a second blessing
    • It assures us of our “hope” of the future and our deliverance from “shame”
  • We are Secure in our faith through Christ
    • Acts 8:14-24

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