God’s Voice from the Storm

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  • God finally Speaks
    • He has remained silent for 35 chapters
    • Identified as Yahweh
    • He does not take the witness stand as Job had desired
      • He is the Judge and Jury
    • He reveals His authority over the entire cosmos
  • God speaks from a Storm
    • Spoke to Moses through thunder
    • Spoke to Elijah in a storm
    • Spoke to Ezekiel in a whirlwind and lightning
    • It indicates God’s anger with Job
      • Job has been arrogant and presumptuous
      • From “blameless and upright to “obscuring God’s counsel using ignorant words”
      • God’s attitude toward Job has not changed
      • Job has used the same human logic as his friends – Righteousness is God’s reward
        • What happened to grace?
      • Integrity plus knowledge equals justice – God’s alone
  • God gives Job a PopQuiz
    • Rhetorical questions – no answer is expected
    • God uses macro-view examples of the world the way it was understood during Job’s time
    • This is quoted as poetry, not as scientific fact
      • Those who try to disprove the Bible will use this passage as a meant to show its inaccuracy
  • Job misunderstood God’s Anger
    • They believe that negative circumstances are always the result of negative actions
      • His friends are trying to convince him that he has done something unrighteous
      • Job has begun to question whether God is fair
    • God’s blessings are not contingent upon righteousness
      • Why would it rain in the dessert?

Why did God send His Son?

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