Hearing God’s Voice Amid All the Distractions

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Noah was the first person recorded in the Bible to take action, in faith, in response to a warning from God – Genesis 6-9

  • Noah’s act of Faith
    • Preparing for something that had never been Seen
      • Rain, more rain, and a LOT of rain!
    • Because rain had not existed, Noah was placed in a situation that would draw much ridicule
      • Not just from a few, but from the entire population of the earth
    • Noah was willing to suffer persecution from society because his faith in God outweighed his concern for acceptance
      • Is there such a commitment of faith in our 21st century Christian culture?
        • Our western agenda is influenced by media that places emphasis on less-significant issues
  • Noah’s world was completely Evil
    • No morals or compassion
    • Every person for himself
      • Gen. 6:11
  • Noah lived in the Fear of God
    • “perfect in his generations” – Gen. 6:9
    • Few Christians today live in faith like Noah
      • Righteousness
      • “Christ-likeness”
      • Enduring persecution
      • Disregarding ridicule
        • Today, being called a “religious fanatic” or a “Jesus freak”
  • Noah followed God’s Directions
    • To the letter, without anything written
    • We have written instructions – the Bible
  • Noah was a Multi-Tasker
    • Listen to God; Build the Ark; Gather animals; Raise a family; Endure persecution

No Christian should be too busy to be a person of faith at home, work, school, church or at play

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