I Just Can’t Take Anymore!

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Zophar gave Job his opinion as to why Job was suffering. He threw out several accusations against Job and even told him that he was getting less than he deserved. Job was immovable regarding his innocence. In these three chapters, Job responds to the accusations of all three of his “friends” and tells them that his faith in God has actually grown stronger.

  • The Greatness of God – Chapter 12
    • Job rebukes his guests
    • Job ridicules his guests
    • Job respects God
  • God is Good – Chapter 13
    • Job rebukes his guests (again)
    • Job speaks honestly
    • Job is humble
  • Job’s Grievance against God – Chapter 14
    • The shortness of life
    • The mystery of death
    • Job has not given up his faith but he has given up hope

1 Corinthians 15:19 – If we have put our hope in Christ for this life only, we should be pitied more than anyone.

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