Is Seeing Believing or Is Believing Seeing?

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Verses 15-20 are a hymn. They are written in a poetic verse form which was very common in Biblical times as a means of expressing praise and worship to God. This hymn expresses praise to Jesus’ authority over all creation (vs. 15-17) and acknowledgment of Jesus’ position as Lord over God’s new order, the church (vs. 18-20)

  • The Creator is Jesus
    • Jesus is identified as:
      • Image of the invisible God
      • Firstborn
      • Maker of everything
      • Changer of everything
      • Maintainer of everything
      • Head of the church
        • Head = Source
      • Fullness of God
        • Spirit, Word, Wisdom, Glory
      • Reconciler – He brings order out of chaos
  • We remain Established in Him
    • Faith, Hope, Hearing
    • Redemption is in Christ ALONE
    • Faith in Christ affects our past, present and future
    • Through Christ we are reconciled, holy, faultless and blameless

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