Jesus’ Earthly Ministry – Light to a Dark World

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  • Jesus was sent by the Father
    • The Father is the sole authority of Jesus’ ministry
    • “Sent” = dispatched
    • To see Jesus is the see the Father
      • “See” = a literal understanding
  • Jesus came to Light the world
    • Darkness is the absence of light and not the other way around
      • Darkness cannot be manufactured
    • We are called to be “salt and light”
      • Matt. 5:13 – 16
  • The light of Christ brings Salvation
    • To the world
    • Jesus did not come to bring judgment
  • Warning
    • Jesus’ words will form the basis for judgment
    • Moses’ words judged Israel, Jesus’ words will judge mankind
      • John 5:45, 46
  • Back to the Father

Jesus’ summary of His ministry goes full circle, beginning with the Father and ending with the Father

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