Jesus of Nazareth – The Supernatural Man

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  • The curtain was Torn
    • Separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies
    • 60 feet high; 30 feet wide; 4 inches thick
    • Assured that the High Priest was the only one to enter into God’s presence
  • Jesus said, “It is Finished!
    • John 19:30
    • The separation was removed when the curtain was torn
    • A new and living way for people to have direct access to God
  • Earthquakes, split rocks, open Tombs
  • Revival of Sleeping Saints
    • Only recorded in Matthew
    • “Saints” – Old Testament Patriarchs
    • “Fallen Asleep” – dead and secure in eternal destiny
    • Firstfruits – a picture of what is to come

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