Just Managing to Get By

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Jesus was invited to share a meal at the home of a Pharisee. He was being scrutinized by the religious leaders and had been criticized for fellowshipping and eating with “sinners and tax collectors.” Jesus shared a number of parables that applied to everyone who was present – religious and sinner alike. The manager in this parable has been described as both dishonest and wise, but Jesus is making a point about human nature and how we, as Christians, can appeal to that nature to make an eternal impact.

  • The manager is Caught in the Act
    • He was entrusted with the master’s wealth
      • Luke 12:42
    • He has squandered his privileges
      • The same word used to describe the prodigal
  • The master calls for an Audit
    • Sin will always catch up
    • We will all give an account before God –Rom 14:12
  • The manager Responds
    • Meets with debtors and reduces the debt
      • Likely eliminating his share of the earnings
  • The owner is Pleased
    • He commends the manager but does not reinstate him
    • Jesus makes the point that people of worldly minds respond to worldly wisdom
      • 1 Cor. 2:14
  • The Meaning of the parable – vs. 9
    • The “master” is God – see vs. 13
    • The “manager” is man in his natural state
    • The parable is about human nature
      • The manager must now depend upon those whom he had previously cheated
      • By reducing their debt, the manager has assured future generosity and hospitality from the others
    • He is “commended” for his resourcefulness
    • “Friends by means of unrighteous money”
      • A witnessing strategy – know what appeals to the unsaved and use it to reach out to them – they will be more willing to respond when they become spiritually bankrupt
        • 1 Timothy 6:17-19
        • Material possessions and money will fail and be meaningless in the end
        • “Eternal dwellings” only come from a personal relationship with Christ

Who was offended? – Vs. 14

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