People of Faith Clear to the Bones

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Heb. 11:1 – Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.

“The Reality of What is Hoped For”

  • The faith of Isaac
    • Genesis 27 – a strange example of faith
      • Even in the presence of deception, the promise was given through the power of the Holy Spirit
    • God always intended for Jacob to receive the promise
      • Gen. 27:28, 29
      • God is never taken by surprise
    • Ultimately, Esau would also receive a blessing
      • Gen. 27:39, 40
    • Isaac was convinced that the blessing to Jacob was God’s intent and that the words he spoke had been given to him by God
      • The deception was irrelevant because God had made the decision
  • The faith of Jacob
    • Jacob had always wanted the blessing
      • He tried to buy it
      • He tried to lie and cheat his way into it
        • Our best human efforts will not accomplish God’s will – it takes faith
      • God did not need Jacob to appoint Joseph as the head of the family – That was determined by God
        • Jacob adopted Joseph’s two sons and passed the blessing through them – the younger over the older
  • The Bones of Joseph
    • Jacob and Joseph both died in Egypt – far from Canaan
      • Both made funeral arrangements in advance
        • They were convinced that God would honor His promises
      • Joseph instructed that his bones be brought to Canaan after God delivered them from Egyptian bondage
        • Joseph believed Genesis 15:13, 14
        • “The reality of what is hoped for”

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