Pleasing God by What We Do

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Job’s friends began their evaluations of Job’s circumstances in a very general fashion, at first. But as Job defended himself and maintained his innocence, his friends became very specific in their judgments, even though they had not evidence to back up their accusations. They assumed that Job had sinned against God because it made sense. Their logic was that if you transgress you will suffer for it. This is often the way people think today.

Job concludes his comments in this chapter. He will not speak again until the end of the book. This is his closing argument. He has faced his circumstances from the viewpoint of being on trial. God is the judge, his friends are the prosecutors and Job serves in his own defense – attorney, witnesses and defendant. He will now present his closing argument, point by point.

  • Job’s Purity
    • Job’s friends all accused him of evil
    • Job had made commitments, early on in his life, to remain virtuous
      • Jesus defined this in Matt. 5:28
      • Job was proactive. He did not wait for temptation to cause him to commit to making the right choice
  • Job’s Integrity
    • He has been accused of dishonesty and deceit
    • Job has not allowed his eyes to control his heart
      • Luke 6:45
  • Job’s Fidelity
    • Job has never been unfaithful, either physically or lustfully
      • Neither as the seduced nor the seducer
  • Job’s spirit of Fairness
    • Job was equal opportunity long before any government thought about it
    • Job acknowledges that we are equal in the womb regardless of position or gender
  • Job’s acts of Charity
    • Job was committed to helping those who were in any kind of need
      • “If I ever raised a hand against someone in need, may God remove my arm”
  • Job’s Humility
  • Job’s Hospitality
  • Job’s Faith in Action
    • Job asks for the charges to be filed. He has presented his defense without ever being officially accused
      • His friends have made their judgments only because of circumstances and human logic

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