Real Sacrifice Comes from Righteousness

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  • The Disregarded offering
    • Genesis 4:1-7
    • Abel offered to God from the firstborn of the flocks
    • Cain offered to God from his produce
      • First-fruits?
      • Blood required?
    • The importance of the story is not why Cain failed in his offering, but rather how he responded to his failure
  • “Do the Right thing
    • Cain is offered an opportunity to make things right with God
    • Time for an attitude adjustment
  • The Formula for a testimony of faith
    • Heb. 11:4
      • He gave the best he had
      • God accepted not only the offering, but He accepted Abel himself
        • Spiritual condition
          • Abel was regarded
          • Cain was not regarded
  • Abel is declared Righteous
    • Heb. 10:37, 38

Even in death, Abel speaks to us – See Gen. 4:10

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