Return to Bethany – Part 1

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  • Jesus in Jerusalem
    • His last time in Judea before His sacrifice
    • Winter time – Festival of Lights
    • Solomon’s Colonnade
      • Where Peter preached the Gospel (Acts 3)
      • Early meeting place for Christians (Acts 5)
    • He is confronted by religious Jews
      • The confrontation is hostile
      • “Are you the Messiah, yes or no?”
    • Jesus uses the analogy of sheep and their shepherd
      • They are from a different fold
  • The Father and I are One
    • Not one person, but of one nature working together in purpose and will
  • The Jews prepare to Kill Jesus
    • For answering their question!
    • Jesus cites His works as evidence of who He is
    • Psalm 82
      • They are ignorant of what Scripture says
      • They are not able to hear the Shepherd’s voice because they are from another flock
  • Jesus leaves Judea
    • He returns to where John baptized Him
      • His ministry years have gone full circle

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