Return to Bethany – Part 3

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Jesus had spent several months on the east side of the Jordan River in ministry. Many people accepted Him during those months. When He received word that His friend Lazarus was ill He took the disciples and traveled back to Bethany. Bethany was about two miles outside of Jerusalem, and the disciples were afraid that this was a “suicide mission.”

  • The Arrival
    • At least four days have passed since Jesus first receive word that Lazarus was deathly ill
    • When they arrive, Lazarus had died and was already in the tomb
    • The family, friends and community were mourning the loss of Lazarus in typical Jewish tradition
  • Jesus is met by Martha
    • She still believes in Jesus’ abilities to heal the sick
    • She is not asking Jesus to return her brother to life
      • She probably thinks that it is two late considering that he has been dead for four days
    • When Jesus tells her that Lazarus will “rise again” she considers it a promise of the resurrection in the last days
  • Jesus is the Resurrection
    • One of Jesus’ most powerful “I Am” statements
      • He is not assuring Martha that He can provide resurrection and life, but that He IS THE resurrection and life
    • “Do you believe?”
      • Martha’s “yes” doesn’t take into account the real depth of Jesus’ Messiahship
  • Jesus is met by Mary
    • She repeats Martha’s initial comment to Jesus
    • She is overcome with grief
  • Jesus is Angry
    • “In Spirit” does not refer to the Holy Spirit
    • “Deeply moved” speaks about a physical stirring
    • Anger vs. Compassion
      • Jesus is not mad at Mary and Martha
      • His “anger” is over mankind’s inability to really grasp the reality of who Jesus is and what He represents
      • The mourners are focused on the immediate and not on the eternal
  • Jesus Wept

It is the surfacing of His human emotions – Jesus experienced everything we experience

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