Return to Bethany – Part 4

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  • Jesus Wept
    • Hurting and sorrow that others were experiencing
    • Callousness of the Jews
    • The disciples lack of understanding concerning Jesus authority and power
    • Unbelief of those present
    • Indecision of many to profess faith in Him
    • Jesus’ own love for Lazarus
      • Jesus always knew that Lazarus would return to life
  • Tears lead to Anger
    • The second time that John brings this up
    • “In Himself” – Outraged by what He sees
      • Jesus will confront His opponent – Death
    • Jesus orders the tomb be opened
  • Martha’s Response
    • She still did not understand what was going to happen but probably wished for it
  • Jesus’ Reply
    • “If you believe”
    • “God will be glorified”
      • She told Jesus that she did believe, but did she really? (Vs. 23-27)
  • The stone Rolled Back
    • Jesus prays
      • He had already been in communication with the Father
      • He prays aloud – this prayer is for the benefit of those around Him
        • Teaching them
        • Evangelizing them
      • Jesus prays intimately with the Father – indicating a personal relationship, not just generically to a supreme being
    • Jesus’ prayer shows His desire to carry out the Father’s will – John 5:19
  • The Awakening
    • Not a whisper – a SHOUT!
    • Lazarus emerges, still in the grave clothes
    • A stunned reaction – not recorded in the passage but imagine how people would react today
    • Jesus was known for reaching out and touching the untouchable – Matt. 8:2, 3

Jewish law made contact with the dead to cause one to be “unclean”


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