Shiphrah and Puah…Took Their Time and Saved a Nation

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  • “We must Obey God rather than men.”
    • Weighing the rules established by people when they cross the line of Godliness
    • The killing of the Hebrew boys – Exodus 1:15-21
      • The disobedient midwives
  • Moses’ parents Followed the example
    • Pharaoh’s new law – drown the boys
    • The hid Moses because he was “beautiful”
      • Perfect; endowed; set apart
    • They did not “fear” the edict
      • Not speaking of anxiety, but rather they exercised a boldness to do what was right
  • Moses as an Adult
    • Thus far, Hebrews is not speaking about Moses’ faith, but about those who had authority over him
    • Now, Moses is practicing the same kind of faith that allowed him to survive as a child
      • Moses chose to identify with his people
        • The application – Hebrews 10:32-34
        • He sacrificed wealth, influence and success to share in persecution
        • He suffered “reproach” for the sake of Christ – 1500 years before Jesus was born!
          • John 5:45
      • Moses chose to leave Egypt and complete God’s plan for Israel
        • Step of faith
        • He persevered
      • He led the Passover
        • An act of faith because it was a picture of something to come
  • Moses’ faith – a Picture of Christ’s sacrifice
    • Hebrews 3:1-6

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