“…That Saved a Wretch Like Me”

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  • The Proof of God’s love
    • John 3:16
    • Gal. 2:20
    • God’s gift was given to the world but His love makes ME the beneficiary
  • God’s love is Unconditional
    • “Ungodly” – irreverent and wicked
    • Jesus did not come to save people who were seeking out a relationship with God. He came to reach those who are God’s enemies.
      • Luke 23:33, 34
  • God’s love is Incomparable
    • Vs. 7 – a human understanding of sacrificial love
      • We may be willing to act sacrificially with those whom we love
      • Matt. 9:10-13
        • No one deserves God’s mercy
        • God’s perfect creation was sent into chaos because of sin
      • Col. 1:19, 20
        • A most remarkable verse – God makes PEACE when we should expect judgment

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