The Storehouses are Full, but Nobody’s Home!

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  • Warning
    • “Watch out and be on guard”
      • Eyes open, be prepared, run the other way
      • Human nature wants to gather as much as it can – fight the temptation
  • Fruitful harvest
    • The man is blessed with an overflow
      • It is not ill-gotten but rather a blessing
    • His actions are prudent
      • Build more storage – don’t waste
  • His mistake is Overconfidence
    • Vs. 17-19
      • Five times he says, “I”
      • Four times he says, “My”
    • His plan is only to benefit himself
    • He will lay back and withdraw from life
  • God’s Requirement
    • The man’s soul
    • We live by God’s timing, not our own
    • Jesus calls him “fool”
      • Psalm 14:1; 53:1
      • He plans to retire on something that he did not have anything to do with (the bounty)
  • Be rich toward God
    • Respond to God’s blessings in a way that pleases Him
      • Service and compassion
    • People hoard possessions because they feel that this life is all that there is
  • The rich man’s three Mistakes
    • The purpose of his life
      • Material gain
    • How to use his assets
      • To bless himself rather than others
    • Preferred earthly treasure to heavenly treasure

Temporal versus eternal


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