There is Joy In the Lord

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When Isaiah received the words of prophecy from God the Northern Kingdom of Israel was nearing its demise. Its extinction was due to its abandonment of the God of Abraham who gave them the fertile land of Canaan in favor of the worship of false gods and immoral alliances. God promised that He would not abandon them, but send a deliverer to restore His kingdom – not because they deserved it, but because of His grace and mercy on His creation

  • The feat Accomplished
    • Through the birth of a Child
      • 7:14 – “A virgin will conceive”
      • 8:3 – Trusting in human strength will fail
  • Godliness springs out of Disaster
    • God will always keep His promises
  • The Child is the Messiah
    • No human king has ever been called the “Mighty God”
    • The “Government is on His shoulders” coupled with “Prince of Peace” is legal and social interaction never before accomplished by a son of David
  • The humble will be Exalted
    • Philippians 2:1-11
      • Christian humility – Vs. 1-4
      • Christ’s humility – Vs. 5-11
        • Preexistence
        • Equality with God
        • Identity with humanity
        • High cost
      • Humility and unity in the church – Vs. 5
        • Social, not cerebral – “Among yourselves”
      • Not only humility but also suffering – Vs. 6-8
        • Jesus – Fully God and fully man
        • Not using His deity for any advantage
        • His deity was a means of giving and not privilege
      • Jesus deity – Vs. 8
        • Not just a man, but a “slave”
        • Jesus suffered FOR mankind

Crucifixion was the most-cruel form of execution. It was considered the basest form of execution because it was reserved for the worst of criminals and for Christians. Those who carried it out had great latitude in how they performed the task

      • Jesus is exalted – Vs. 9-11
        • See Isaiah 45:23, 24
      • One day, Paul says, the universe will acknowledge who Jesus is

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