Triumphant By Faith

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Job’s three friends have continually accused and criticized him, saying that:

  • His words are empty
  • His ways are evil
  • He lacks wisdom
  • He is getting what he deserves

Job’s responses to their cruel words and lack of compassion has been:

  • Frustration
  • Feeling forsaken
  • Feeling forgotten
  • At his wits end

A picture of Job’s Faith

  • God’s Word is written in Stone
    • Job did not know that his words were God’s Word
    • Job 16:18
  • Redeemer – Someone who enters into a legal situation on behalf of someone else
    • Psalm 19:14
    • Book of Ruth
  • The Redeemer’s task
    • Recover Losses
    • Salvage Dignity
  • “He will Stand” – to testify as a witness in a trial
  • “At last” – When all is said and done
  • “On the dust” – from which man was formed and will return
  • “Destroyed skin” – he had been scraping his flesh with broken pottery
    • Job earnestly believes that he will see God and that God will stand up for him and show his friends that he is still a man of righteousness
  • Not as a Stranger
    • Job will return to his former closeness with God
  • “My heart longs” – Job knows within his heart that he is still the same man in God’s eyes

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