When Life Gives You Lemons…

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This week we will see the “human side” of Job. So far, he has endured tremendous loss, yet remained faithful and humble before God. Sometime it seems like he is super-human. Here we will learn that Job is a human being with frailties and weaknesses just like you and me.

  • Job’s three Laments
    • Vs. 1-10 – “Why was I born?”
      • If the day only hadn’t happened
      • If the sun had only not risen
      • Maybe a magician could have cast a spell
    • Vs. 11-19 – “Why did I survive infancy?”
      • If only I had been stillborn
      • If only my father hadn’t taken me to his knees
      • If I were dead I would be at peace
    • Vs. 20-26 – “Why don’t I just die now?”
      • The natural progression
      • No hope for the future
  • Six times Job asks, “Why?”
    • It is ok to question
      • Jesus did it
    • Don’t expect a response
      • Jesus didn’t get one
      • Job didn’t get one
  • Job never Curses God
    • He is depressed but never regrets his acts of righteousness
  • God’s Hedging – Vs. 23
    • Over protectiveness
      • God’s protection is not automatic
        • Jesus told us to pray, “Deliver us from evil”
      • People generally do not really feel that God is over protective but rather, that He is over restrictive.
        • “We have too many rules to obey”
        • “We want more freedom”
          • “We don’t want more accountability!”
        • Christianity is about relationship, not rules

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